dsc_8786JMR Manufacturing is in the process of putting together a complete line of fabrication tables for the DIY fabricator and professional fabricators.  You will soon be able to order from a pre-designed list of fab tables and have it shipped to your home or business.  JMR will also be offering custom fabrication tables if needed.  The tables will be offered as table tops only or with stands.

The first fabrication table offered by JMR is the 2 foot x 4 foot, 3/8″ thick table top.  The 2′x4′x3/8″ can be used in both residential and commercial applications.  You will notice in the pictures the table features slots.  The slots are to be used with a clamp down kit like used on a milling table.  The table allows you to clamp your work in multiple areas.  You can also use them to bolt down fixtures for many different things.  One example is building a-arms for independent suspensions.  We will also be offering “V” blocks to hold round tube on our fab tables.  More information will soon follow.

Pricing for JMR Manufacturing Fabrication Table Tops will start and $195.00 for the 2x4x3/8. and go up depending on thickness and overall size.  JMR will be releasing a 3×4, 4×4, and a 4×6 fab table very soon.  Some of these will be offered in thicker versions and blanchard ground.  Some of the thicker tables will feature drilled and tapped holes for studs.


2x4x3/8 $195.00

3x4x3/8 $295.00

4x4x3/8 $395.00

4x6x3/8 $495.00