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JMR MB1000 Tube Bender

Monday, February 8th, 2010

The JMR MB 1000 series Manual Tube Bender is a precision machined tool that offers heavy wall tube bending capacities.  Built for the fabricator looking for a quality tube bender that can meet most structural applications around the shop.  The MB 1000 is set apart from the competition with bronze bushings at the pivot point, a bearing supporting the ratcheting mechanism, lifetime guarantee on the dies, and available anti-springback bar. The JMR MB 1000 features blanchard ground arms for a precision fit and function.

Product Review on with many pictures and videos featuring the JMR MB 1000.

See the JMR Manual Bender in our ONLINE STORE

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JMR TN-1000 Tube and Pipe Notcher

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

The JMR TN-1000 Tubing and Pipe Notcher is a premium tool and the most versatile hole saw notcher on the market.  The TN-1000 is manufactured from bar stock, not plate, to increase strength.  The TN-1000 has a 1.125″ induction hardened shaft supported by Timken bearings.  The custom designed shaft seals prevent bearing and shaft damage over years of service.  The shaft accepts replaceable hole saw mounting threads.

Angle changes are made simple due to a Timken thrust bearing at the pivot point.  The JMR TN-1000 can be rotated 180 degrees around the end of the tube to get the angle you need from either side of the tube.  The TN-1000 will also do offset notches with the addition of our shim package.

Bill “BillaVista” Ansell wrote a product review article for detailing the JMR TN 1000 and basic tube notching tips.  Be sure to check out the Pirate4x4 article as BilliaVista writes to “introduce you to the JMR TN1000 tube notcher and demonstrate some of the techniques used in notching tube with a hole-saw notcher.”


JMR TN 1000 Article on

JMR TN-1000 Instruction Manual


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JMR Dimple Dies

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

JMR Manufacturing offers bullet proof DIMPLE DIE SETS for fabricators who need their tools to work.  If you are looking for cheap knock off JMR dimple dies you are in the wrong place.  The Official JMR Dimple Die Sets are CNC machined and hardened to serve as a lifetime tool.  JMR Dimple Dies have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

JMR Dimple Dies will flare existing holes in sheet metal and plate up to .125″ 4130 Chrome Moly

Available Sizes

  • 1/2″
  • 3/4″
  • 1″
  • 1-1/4″
  • 1-1/2″
  • 1-3/4″
  • 2″
  • 2-1/2″
  • 3″

JMR Manufacturing offers Dimple Die sets in many different combination.  Please visit out online store for ordering details or please call 805-239-5972.

JMR also offers Dimple Die Sets for knockout style punches.


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Featured Shops

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

What is the “Featured Shops” Section? JMR Manufacturing will be highlighting customers and their JMR tools in this section. A “shop” does not imply it is a business, nor do you have to be operating a business to be featured in this section. If you would like to submit pictures and a description of your home based shop, or commercial fabrication business please CONTACT JMR.  Of course you have to show JMR fabrication tools in some of your pictures.  We would like to see finished products fabricated using JMR fabrication tools.

There are some advantages to submitting your shop to this section.  The biggest reason is people will see your work .  If you are a business using JMR tools we will add your website link to the article along with other contact info.  By having a link back to your website from JMR you will be creating a back link driving traffic back to your website.  Back links can help you gain more traffic and potentially more business.  What are you waiting for?  Send over some pics and short write up about your fabrication shop.

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