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Notching Short Pieces Of Tube

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The JMR TN1000 hole saw notcher has a movable vise which allows it to notch very short pieces of tube.  In the pictures you will see how the vise slides up close to the hole saw.  The JMR TN1000 is the ONLY hole saw notcher on the market with a movable vise.  JMR incorporated this design feature because the person designing the tool actually has practical fabrication experience and very little experience staring at an office wall.  Notching short sections of tube is only one feature the JMR TN1000 offers.

See more pictures of the JMR TN1000 HERE.

You can find the notcher in our ONLINE STORE HERE.

Another great feature the JMR TN1000 offers is the ability to notch flat bar.  You can read more about this feature and see pictures of the TN1000 in action by looking HERE.





OK, now you have seen the most logical way to notch a short piece of tube.  Now I will show you a way to notch tube even shorter.  The method pictured below is from years of experience in the shop fabricating race trucks not sitting on the internet reading about how others fabricate.  If you EVER have questions about how to use a JMR tool feel free to call or email.

If you would like to make the tool used in the JMR TN1000 below it is very simple to do.  Cut a 5 inch piece of tube that will slide over the tube you want to notch.  With a cut off wheel cut a slot down the length of the tube. Make sure to leave about 1/2 at the end of the slot.  In other words DO NOT cut all the way down.  The slot is cut in the tube to allow it to clamp down around the work piece. Make sure the 1/2 inch you left is at the opposite end from the piece you are notching.  Insert the short piece of tube you want to notch and clamp down in position.  The JMR vise will allow you to clamp down firmly to hold the short piece of notched tube.  If you have a different brand of notcher you can can still do this procedure.  Depending on the brand notcher you have you may have to use a radiator hose clamp out toward the end of the tube to help hold the tube.




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JMR Tube Saws / Hole Saws

Thursday, February 25th, 2010


JMR offers a complete line of tube saws  / hole saws.  The JMR Tube Saws are threaded with a standard thread like other hole saws.  JMR hole saws are a perfect addition to the JMR Tube Notcher TN1000.

The JMR Hole Saws / Tube Saws were designed for notching tube. The extra length on the long tube saws allow you to cut high angle notches without the need to stop and break off the end of the tube. All JMR Tube Saws are fine tooth with more teeth per inch than conventional hole saws. The body of the JMR Tube Saw is heat treated after they are rolled and welded, giving them a harder tooth and a more true shape. The heat treated body has not coating to flake off and contaminate your weld area. The body of the JMR Tube saws are also thicker than conventional hole saws. The hole saws will thread onto any tube notcher.

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JMR TN-1000 Tube and Pipe Notcher

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

The JMR TN-1000 Tubing and Pipe Notcher is a premium tool and the most versatile hole saw notcher on the market.  The TN-1000 is manufactured from bar stock, not plate, to increase strength.  The TN-1000 has a 1.125″ induction hardened shaft supported by Timken bearings.  The custom designed shaft seals prevent bearing and shaft damage over years of service.  The shaft accepts replaceable hole saw mounting threads.

Angle changes are made simple due to a Timken thrust bearing at the pivot point.  The JMR TN-1000 can be rotated 180 degrees around the end of the tube to get the angle you need from either side of the tube.  The TN-1000 will also do offset notches with the addition of our shim package.

Bill “BillaVista” Ansell wrote a product review article for detailing the JMR TN 1000 and basic tube notching tips.  Be sure to check out the Pirate4x4 article as BilliaVista writes to “introduce you to the JMR TN1000 tube notcher and demonstrate some of the techniques used in notching tube with a hole-saw notcher.”


JMR TN 1000 Article on

JMR TN-1000 Instruction Manual


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JMR Product Reviews on Pirate4x4

Monday, January 25th, 2010

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