The JMR TN1000 Tube and Pipe Notcher is the most versatile hole saw notcher available.  We have been posting different tasks that can be accomplished with the JMR notcher.  Unlike notchers that are large, bulky, and clamp all the way around the tube the JMR notcher can be used on a vehicle or project.  What I mean is after tube is welded in place on your vehicle the JMR notcher can be clamped directly on the project to drill holes and even notch tube.  The following pictures show how you can use a 3/4″ hole saw to drill through tube to insert a weld in shock bung.  This can be VERY useful drilling in position to ensure shock mount locations are exact.

The JMR notcher can drill through square tube on the flats or on the diamond.  On the diamond refers to through the points.  Again a big advantage is the holes can be drilled in place after your project is welded together.

101_0382 101_0389 101_0395 101_0397