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JMR is now offering Lincoln Welders

Friday, February 19th, 2010

JMR Manufacturing is now offering Lincoln Welders. If you are looking to purchase a welder be sure to add it to your tube bender package.  JMR Manufacturing offers financing to help you afford the tools you need to succeed.  You can find more information to finance your new tubing bender and welder by CLICKING HERE.

Lincoln Electric offers both tig and mig welders.  If you are a beginner and unsure what welder you should purchase feel free to contact JMR for advise on the best machine for your application.  Keep in mind Lincoln Electric also offers plasma cutters.  A plasma cutter is used to cut different types of metal plate and sheet metal.

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JMR Billet Belt Sander

Monday, January 25th, 2010

beltsander-006JMR Manufacturing offers an industry first Billet Aluminum Belt Sander for a very affordable price.  You can find the JMR Blet Sander /Grinder in our online store for more details by CLICKING HERE.

Download: JMR Belt Sander /Grinder Manual

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