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JMR Rotary Tube Bender / Roller Combo

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

dsc_2689JMR Manufacturing has been busy in the shop building a new rotary tube bender.  The new bender has a 3 inch capacity.  With this one machine you can bender round tube, round pipe, and square tube to a 180 degree bend without stopping.  The new JMR bender also features a tube rolling attachment.  With the JMR bender there is no reason to spend extra money to buy a roll bender.  It only takes a few minutes to install the roll bending attachment to the machine.

One of the great features of this machine is all JMR tube bender dies will work with the machine.  Most Pro-Tools and JD Squared bender dies will work with the machine.  Be sure to call with questions regarding tooling you may already own and how it will be able to work with this machine. 120, 180, and 240 degree dies will work on this machine.

The new JMR Rotary Bender sells for $9995.00 plus shipping.  Be sure to call for estimated ship times.

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JMR Sportsman Tube Bender

Monday, November 29th, 2010

JMR’s New Sportsman Bender is designed for the fabricator on a budget who refuses to settle for import or domestic crap. Features alloy steel arms, offering the high capacity JMR is known for, bearings/bushings at all pivot points, and an all new 5 speed drive mechanism. Retails for $249 with pictured degree wheel.

Because JMR is offering the Sportsman Bender at such a low price we will not be shipping it with a handle.  The reason for this is a couple reasons.  It saves JMR money and lets us sell the bender a little cheaper.  The handle for the Sportsman is simply an 1.5″ OD round tube.  Most people have access to a 1.5″ OD round tube.  The other reason is we are able to ship the bender in a smaller box saving you money.  The added cost of shipping the handle would be more than you supplying the tube yourself.  This bender might be cheaper than all of the others on the market but DO NOT BE FOOLED.  The JMR Sportsman bender is jam packed with features the more expensive benders do not have. Yes, you do get a free degree wheel and pointer with this bender.


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JMR Hydraulic Bender Assembly Instructions

Friday, April 16th, 2010

JMR Hydraulic Bender Assembly Instructions for Part Number 1000, 1001, and 1002.  If you have any questions feel free to call or email.  You can open a printable PDF by clicking the following link:

Click the below image to enlarge:

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JMR Model 1000 Electric / Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Bender

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010


The JMR Series of hydraulic tube benders are precision machined units that offer large capacities, fast hydraulic systems, and unique portability. Both electric and air powered units offer the same capacity. Built for the fabricator looking for a top quality bender to suit most structural applications.

Electric/Hydraulic Features

  • Electric/Hydraulic units features variable speed industrial hydraulics
  • Run approximately 3x’s faster than air/hyd units
  • Billet Dies available in 120 and 240 degrees
  • Aluminum bronze bushings at pivot points
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built for industrial use and yet affordable
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage on dies
  • Electric/Hydraulic models include rolling cart w/ die rack
  • Horizontal or vertical bending
  • Ships UPS!


  • 2-1/2″ Round Tube (.120″ wall), 2″ Square Tube (.120″ wall), and 2″ Sch 40 Pipe Capacity
  • Follower blocks case hardened .050 min
  • All pins made from heat treated 4140

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What size dies do I need for my bender?

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Illustration Number 1

What size dies do I need for my bender?  This seems to be the recurring question for many people looking to purchase a tubing bender and dies.  I do admit asking the same question many years ago with my first tube bender purchase.  Picking die sets is important for a couple reasons.  Perhaps the most important is you can not bend tube with the wrong size die.  1-3/4″ tube can not be bent with a 2″ die.  Many fabricators develop their on personal preferences when choosing tube bender die size including tube diameter and die center line radius (CLR). It is very important to understand how “Tube” and “Pipe” is measured.  Tube is measured by O.D. (outside diameter) and Pipe is measured by I.D. (inside diameter). See Illustration Number 1 for details.

Die size is not limited to material shape and diameter.  The die size also refers to Center Line Radius (commonly known as CLR).  CLR is measured from the center of the bend to the center of the tube. Center of the bend refers to the center line where the tube bender die rotates.  If you have access to someone with a tube bender and like the bends their machine produces ask them what CLR die they are using.

CLR can be important based on the job you choose to perform.  For instance over the years I have found a 6 inch CLR 1-3/4″ round tube die to be my choice for bending tube for a rockcrawler chassis and Jeep modifications.  My choice was made for a couple reasons.  The first reason is the 6″ CLR die does not stretch the outside of the 1-3/4 x .120 wall tube too much.  “Tighter” or smaller CLR dies for large diameter round tube can stretch the outside of the bend as it wraps around the bender die.  For rock crawler applications this can effect how easily the tube in your chassis can be dented.  Dented tube can lead to failure and should be replaced.   I am trying not to inject my personal opinion into this article but for some reason I feel the need to discuss my 6″ CLR 1-3/4″ die choice.  Another key reason I settled with this die size has to do with looks.  When working in and around sheet metal I have found a 6″ CLR die working for most projects.

Before purchasing a 6″ CLR 1-3/4″ round tube die I was using a 7″ CLR die.  The 7 inch CLR die was a good die size as well.  My main reason for switching to a 6″ CLR was bending tube for Jeep related projects.  When fabricating a rear wrap around tube or horizontal hoop around the back of a Jeep the 6″ CLR die matched up to the Jeep tube for a much better look.  I eventually sold the 7″ CLR die because I simply never used it.  Please keep in mind this is my personal experience and personal opinion on a CLR for 1-3/4″ round tube.  You may prefer a different CLR for larger tube diameters.

Things to understand when selecting a bender die:

  • CLR (Center Line Radius)
  • Round Tube (Measured by outside diameter or O.D.)
  • Pipe (Measured by inside diameter or I.D.)
  • Square Tube (just what it says square tube and is measure by outside dims)
  • 120 Degree Die (needed to make a 90 degree bend or slightly over)
  • 240 Degree Die (Used to bend up to 180 degrees.  Can be used to make shock hoops, driveshaft loops, and more)

Custom fabrication possibilities are endless.  After purchasing a tubing bender you will find yourself bending tube for a lot of different applications.  Depending on what you are building you can determine if you need a 120 or 240 degree die, the CLR, and tube diameter size.  The following might be a good choice of dies for most shops.

Die Sizes I have Used For Many Years:

  • 6″ CLR 240 Degree Die for 1-3/4″ Round Tube
  • 6″ CLR 240 Degree Die for 1-1/2″ Round Tube
  • 4″ CLR 240 Degree Die for 1-1/4″ Round Tube
  • 4″ CLR 240 Degree Die for 1″ Round Tube

Keep in mind you do not need to purchase 240 degree dies.  Most applications do not require a 240 degree die.  I the planning stages of your build you can design the project to work with the tooling you have.  I did not post the above statement to lead you to believe 240 degree dies are required.  Shock mounts can be designed into the chassis without the need for a traditional shock hoop.

If you have any questions or need help choosing a die size feel free to CONTACT JMR for assistance.

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JMR MB1000 Tube Bender

Monday, February 8th, 2010

The JMR MB 1000 series Manual Tube Bender is a precision machined tool that offers heavy wall tube bending capacities.  Built for the fabricator looking for a quality tube bender that can meet most structural applications around the shop.  The MB 1000 is set apart from the competition with bronze bushings at the pivot point, a bearing supporting the ratcheting mechanism, lifetime guarantee on the dies, and available anti-springback bar. The JMR MB 1000 features blanchard ground arms for a precision fit and function.

Product Review on with many pictures and videos featuring the JMR MB 1000.

See the JMR Manual Bender in our ONLINE STORE

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JMR Tube Bender Die Size Chart

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

JMR Manufacturing offers a wide range of tube bender dies.  JMR tube bender dies feature billet construction.  The die sets are available in 120 degree and 240 degree angles.  If you do not see the tube bender die size to fit your project be sure to CONTACT JMR.  We may be able to offer a solution to your need.  All JMR tube bender dies have a Lifetime Warranty.


120350625 .5”&.625”x3” Radius 120° Combo Die $250.00
1203075 .75”x3” Radius 120° Die $185.00
12030875 .875”x3” Radius 120° Die $190.00
12040875 .875”x4” Radius 120° Die $235.00
1203100 1”x3” Radius 120° Die $210.00
1204100 1”x4” Radius 120° Die $225.00
1205100 1”x5” Radius 120° Die $325.00
12031125 1.125”x3” Radius 120° Die $210.00
1203125 1.25”x3” Radius 120° Die $325.00
1204125 1.25”x4” Radius 120° Die $260.00
12041375 1.375”x4” Radius 120° Die $310.00
1204150 1.5”x4” Radius 120° Die $310.00
1205150 1.5”x5” Radius 120° Die $310.00
1206150 1.5”x6” Radius 120° Die $375.00
1207150 1.5”x7” Radius 120° Die $650.00
12051625 1.625”x5” Radius 120° Die $340.00
12061625 1.625”x6” Radius 120° Die $375.00
12071625 1.625”x7” Radius 120° Die $650.00
1206175 1.75”x6” Radius 120° Die $375.00
1207175 1.75”x7” Radius 120° Die $700.00
1206200 2”x6” Radius 120° Die $400.00
1207200 2”x7” Radius 120° Die $725.00
1207225 2.25”x7” Radius 120° Die $750.00
1207250 2.5”x7” Radius 120° Die* $775.00
240350625 .5”&.625”x3 Radius 240° Die $325.00
2403075 .75”x3” Radius 240° Die $220.00
24030875 .875”x3” Radius 240° Die $225.00
2403100 1”x3” Radius 240° Die $275.00
2404100 1”x4” Radius 240° Die $350.00
2405100 1”x5” Radius 240° Die $450.00
24031125 1.125”x3” Radius 240° Die $290.00
2403125 1.25”x3” Radius 240° Die $385.00
2404125 1.25”x4” Radius 240° Die $325.00
2404150 1.5”x4” Radius 240° Die $390.00
2405150 1.5”x5” Radius 240° Die $390.00
2406150 1.5”x6” Radius 240° Die $400.00
2407150 1.5”x7” Radius 240° Die $775.00
24051625 1.625”x5” Radius 240° Die $425.00
24061625 1.625”x6” Radius 240° Die $500.00
24071625 1.625”x7” Radius 240° Die $825.00
2406175 1.75”x6” Radius 240° Die $500.00
2407175 1.75”x7” Radius 240° Die $825.00
2406200 2”x6” Radius 240° Die $550.00
2407200 2”x7” Radius 240° Die $950.00
2407225 2.25”x7” Radius 240° Die* $975.00
2407250 2.5”x7” Radius 240° Die* $1,095.00


1203075S .75”x3” Radius 120° Square Die $250.00
1204075S .75”x4” Radius 120° Square Die $295.00
1203100S 1”x3” Radius 120° Square Die $250.00
1204100S 1“x4” Radius 120° Square Die $270.00
1204125S 1.25”x4” Radius 120° Square Die $325.00
1205125S 1.25”x5” Radius 120° Square Die $340.00
1205150S 1.5”x5” Radius 120° Square Die $390.00
1206150S 1.5”x6” Radius 120° Square Die $395.00
1206175S 1.75”x6” Radius 120° Square Die $475.00
1206200S 2”x6” Radius 120° Square Die $525.00
1207200S 2”x7” Radius 120° Square Die $825.00
2403075S .75”x3” Radius 240° Square Die $295.00
2404100S 1”x4” Radius 240° Square Die $325.00
2404125S 1.25”x4” Radius 240° Square Die $400.00
2405125S 1.25”x5” Radius 240° Square Die $400.00
2405150S 1.5”x5” Radius 240° Square Die $495.00
2406150S 1.5”x6” Radius 240° Square Die $550.00
2406175S 1.75”x6” Radius 240° Square Die $650.00
2406200S 2”x6” Radius 240° Square Die $695.00
2407200S 2”x7” Radius 240° Square Die $1,095.00


1203075P .75”x3” Radius 120° Pipe Die $215.00
1204100P 1”x4” Radius 120° Pipe Die $275.00
1205125P 1.25”x5” Radius 120° Pipe Die $350.00
1206150P 1.5”x6” Radius 120° Pipe Die $405.00
1206200P 2”x6” Radius 120° Pipe Die* $500.00
1207200P 2”x7” Radius 120° Pipe Die* $725.00
2403075P .75”x3” Radius 240° Pipe Die $305.00
2404100P 1”x4” Radius 240° Pipe Die $350.00
2405125P 1.25”x5” Radius 240° Pipe Die $425.00
2406150P 1.5”x6” Radius 240° Pipe Die $625.00
2406200P 2”x6” Radius 240° Pipe Die* $725.00
2407200P 2”x7” Radius 240° Pipe Die* $1,095.00

*Requires BS100 Bender Spacer Kit

***Prices subject to change without notice

All JMR Manufacturing Tube Bender Dies have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  If you have any questions about what die you need feel free to CONTACT JMR for assistance. 

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JMR Product Reviews on Pirate4x4

Monday, January 25th, 2010

JMR Manufacturing product reviews on

Tube Bender

JMR MB1000 Product Review on Pirate4x4

Tube Notcher

JMR TN1000 Product Review on Pirate4x4

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