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JMR Adjustable Tube Notcher Mount

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

JMR Manufacturing is known for new and innovative tools.  The NEW JMR Tube Notcher mount is a simple design with a lot of useful function.  The notcher mount mounts into a receiver.  The receiver comes standard on JMR fabrication tables or you can weld a receiver stock under the edge of your fabrication table.  The receiver stock is the same size as you would find on the back of most trucks for towing.

dsc_2808With the tubing notcher mounted to the side of your fabrication table you can no open up many new possibilities with the tubing notcher.  You will notice the main shaft the notcher bolts to is clamped into the billet aluminum base.  With the clamp loose you can adjust the notcher mount up and down with the bearing and allen screw.  You can also rotate the notcher mount if needed.  OK… I know some people want to know why you would want to adjust the height of the notcher.  Simple, the JMR Tube Notcher Mount allows you to adjust the tube notcher to the tube you are working will sit flush with the fabrication table top.  If you change tube diameter you can simply adjust the tube back to the table top.  Once you have the tube sitting on the table top you can easily notch in plane with bends in the tube.  For instance if you have a bend in the tube simply place the tube in the notcher and lay the tube flat on the table.  Your notch will be in plane with the bend.  No need to break out the level.

The cool part about this it you can build fixtures on the table to hold a bend at a certain rotation to make the correct notch every single time.  If you need to make sure your end product is the same every time this is the way to go.  The same goes for notching straight pieces of tubing. You can build a stop on the table to slip the part into the same depth every time.  This feature will be very helpful to those building repeat parts over and over.

The notcher mount main body is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and hard anodized black for a long lasting finish.  The main shaft is solid steel with a polished surface.  The main shaft sits on a bolt with a sealed bearing.  The shaft rotates on the edge of the sealed bearing so the height does not change while rotating the mount.  The main body is designed to slide into 2.5″ box tube with a .25″ wall thickness.

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Making Tabs with a JMR TN 1000

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010


The JMR TN1000 was designed to notch tube and pipe.  You can also cut flat bar to make brackets and tabs.  Below are some pictures we took this weekend at a trade show demonstrating this process to on lookers.  The flat bar in the demo is 1/8 inch thick.  You would not have a problem cutting thicker flat bar.  If you have any questions be sure to post up below or feel free to contact us.


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