JMR offers a complete line of tube saws  / hole saws.  The JMR Tube Saws are threaded with a standard thread like other hole saws.  JMR hole saws are a perfect addition to the JMR Tube Notcher TN1000.

The JMR Hole Saws / Tube Saws were designed for notching tube. The extra length on the long tube saws allow you to cut high angle notches without the need to stop and break off the end of the tube. All JMR Tube Saws are fine tooth with more teeth per inch than conventional hole saws. The body of the JMR Tube Saw is heat treated after they are rolled and welded, giving them a harder tooth and a more true shape. The heat treated body has not coating to flake off and contaminate your weld area. The body of the JMR Tube saws are also thicker than conventional hole saws. The hole saws will thread onto any tube notcher.