Q: What is the difference between tube and pipe?

A: Tube is measured by the outside dimension (OD) whereas pipe is measured by the inside dimension (ID)


Q: Why are our dies 120 and 240 degree?

A: This allows us to ensure you will always be able to make 90 and 180 degree bends after relaxation and springback


Q: What is the difference between the Raceline and Standard Manual Bender?

A:The Raceline Bender was made to be as affordable as possible. It has no coating on the arms or rack, and a 3-speed drive mechanism. The Standard Manual Bender has 5 drive speeds, a longer rack that allows you to bend 90deg without having to re-pin the die, bronze bushings at the pivot of the drive mechanism, and is fully powdercoated. Both manual benders are proudly made in the USA


Q: Do we make custom dies?

A: Yes! We have made hundreds of custom dies in our 20 years of being in business. From ultra-tight radii to 2.5" angle iron, and everything in between, we've got your custom die needs covered. Just give us a call