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JMR Manual Tubing Bender

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  • Bender with 90 degree rack
  • Degree ring
  • Magnetic base degree ring pointer


  • Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 2.5 x .120
  • Round Chromoly Capacity (inches): 2 x .120
  • Round Aluminum Capacity (inches): 2.5 x .120
  • Nominal PIPE Capacity: 2 inch schedule 40
  • Square Mild Steel Capacity (inches): 2 x .120
  • Minimum OD (inches): 1/2
  • Bending Style: rotary draw
  • Min Center Line Radius (inches): 3
  • Max Center Line Radius (inches): 8
  • Max Degree of Bend: 180
  • Repeatability Control: degree scale
  • High tensile alloy arms
  • Bend 90 degrees without re-pinning the drive arm
  • Five bending speeds/leverage points
  • Heat-treated pins
  • Requires 1.5 inch OD tubing for handle
  • Die sets sold separately

The JMR basic manual tube and pipe bender takes many of the same great features as the JMR Ultra manual tube and pipe bender and puts them in a very economical package for a DIY home fabricator or small shop environment. The JMR basic bender includes nylon/graphite bushings at the pivot point, bronze bushings supporting the ratcheting mechanism, military-grade tough-coat finish, heat-treated 4140 steel pins, and five bending speeds. The NEW 90-degree rack means no more re-pinning the die on 90-degree bends and only 1 re-pin on a full 180 degree bend.

The Basic manual bender gives plenty of leverage to bend up to 2 inch round tube by hand, but can also be upgraded to hydraulics at any time, which would make it the same as our hydraulic benders. Dies available for square tubing and nominal pipe sizes (NPS). Includes degree ring and pointer.