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JMR Raceline Tube Notcher TN300

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The Raceline Tube Notcher is a quality, precision made, and fully functional hole saw notcher. Constructed from CNC machined billet aluminum with heavy duty 1 inch thick arms, it uses sealed needle bearings to support the 1 inch OD shaft. The shaft uses an easy to replace insert to eliminate the need for full shaft replacement in the case of damaged threads. A thrust bearing at the pivot point decreases the movement and tightens at the desired angle.

With 3 inch OD capacity, the notcher can notch anywhere in a 210 degree arc. Offset notches up to 1 inch are easily performed while the shaft design allows the user to easily return to the zero point for a perfectly centered notch. With reference degree points, the angle can easily be double checked with an angle finder. The notcher can easily be clamped to a tube or pipe for boring holes.


  • Capable of notching in a 210 degree arc
  • 3 inch tube, 2.5 inch pipe capacity
  • Positive zero point for a perfectly centered notch
  • Easily handles offset copes up to 1 inch
  • Double v-clamp vise allows square to be held flat or on diamond
  • May be clamped on tube/pipe to bore holes
  • Engraved degrees ensures accuracy
  • Flats machined into shaft for easier hole saw removal
  • Dimensions: 9.5"x5"x5.5"