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JMR Raceline Bender/Notcher Fab Pack

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Kit Includes:

  • Raceline Bender
  • Degree ring and pointer
  • Raceline Hole Saw Notcher
  • Die #1 - 1 inch OD x 3 inch CLR, 120 degree die set
  • Die #2 - Choice of 1-1/2, 1-5/8 or 1-3/4 inch die sets
  • U-weld pedestal kit for bender
  • Vice mounting block for notcher
  • Requires 1.5 inch OD tubing for bender handle

The RaceLine Fab Pack is the perfect way to get started in tube fabrication for an economical price. The kit includes a manual tube bender and notcher with 2 popular die sets, along with a do-it-yourself pedestal kit and vice mounting block for the notcher.

The RaceLine Series bender by JMR is designed for the fabricator on a budget, who is still looking for all of heavy duty features JMR benders are known for. This bender features uncoated alloy steel arms, nylon/graphite bushings at the pivot points, and heat treated 4140 steel pins. The bender's 3 speed design gives plenty of leverage to bend up to 2 inch round tube by hand, but can also be upgraded to hydraulics later for even faster bending. Includes degree ring and pointer.

The RaceLine Hole Saw Notcher is constructed from CNC machined billet aluminum with heavy duty 1 inch thick arms, and sealed needle bearings to support the large 1 inch OD shaft. The notcher features a 3 inch OD capacity, and can notch anywhere in a 210 degree arc around the end of the tube. Offset notches up to 1 inch can be performed with ease while the unique shaft support design allows a positive, accurate return to the zero point for a centered notch. Degree reference points are engraved into the arms of the notcher, and the frame design allows the notching angle to be easily double checked with an angle finder.

The included pedestal kit gives you the top and bottom plates with correct mounting holes to build your own floor mount bender pedestal. Just weld in a piece of round or square tubing at your desired height and bolt to the floor.